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What is a One Day Bathroom Makeover?

Bathroom Makeover Process

Many people always believe that bathroom remodeling is the way to go if you desire to give your bathroom a facelift. Well, they are not wrong when it comes to giving the bathroom a new look. However, it is not the only feasible way. As a matter of fact, people have started to embrace the idea of doing a bathroom makeover. This approach is becoming quite popular. You may be wondering,  what is making people opt for a bathroom makeover instead of an expensive remodeling? Well, the following are some of the explanations.

Time Efficient

Many of us have at some point in time had to give the bathroom a facelift. But I am pretty sure that most recall the duration it took to get the bathroom in the desired state. Although the contractor told you it might only take a few days, it actually carried on for weeks. Such memories always discourage home owners from undertaking timely refurbishment. The good news is that a makeover is quite time efficient. With proper planning and research, you will be able to transform your bathroom from an eyesore into an elegant master piece. With a Bathroom makeover, our process only takes one day.

Cost effective

Many people cringe at the idea of remodeling the bathroom. Most if not all of us are fully aware of the costs that come with giving the bathroom a facelift. You have to worry about the ever rising costs of building materials. You also dread the bill that the contractor will give you. This possibly explains why many people opt to postpone a refurbishment in order to accumulate the funds. Fortunately, homeowners have realized a bathroom makeover is not as costly. It does not involve bringing walls down or installing new plumbing. It can be as simple as changing the shower rails, replacing the tiles, installing new faucets, or changing the lighting fixtures. With a bathroom makeover we are talking about pennies on a dollar.

Instant Transformation

Another reason you may consider a bathroom makeover instead of a complete bathroom remodeling is the instant transformation. You do not have to wait for a long time to see the results. Actually, the results are usually instant. For instance swapping the stained or corroded taps and rails only takes a few minutes. Our transformation of your bathroom is done in ONE DAY. This cannot be compared to a situation where the project includes demolishing walls or removing toilets, bathtubs, and  the pipes.

Simple and Straightforward

Most of the applications undertaken during a makeover are very basic. For example, our process can be undertaken quickly. Usually, bathroom remodeling is a very complicated and expensive process involving a lot of material, equipment and manpower.

Value Addition

There are instances when you might need to add value to your home. However, you may also lack the funds. This situation will be well suited by a bathroom makeover. Take the case of the need to dispose a house or find a new tenant. A simple makeover will not only transform the bathroom, but will also increase the homes worth. The one day makeover quickly changes the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom.

After a long day out eking for a living, we all look forward to relaxing at home. The bathroom happens to be one of the best locations to freshen up and also achieve Bathroom Makeovercomfort. In fact, statistics show that bathrooms are becoming much larger. In addition, people are spending more time in the bathroom. The best way to achieve the desired satisfaction and comfort is being making sure the ambiance is just right. This entails ensuring the lighting is in order. It also involves making certain that the sinks and faucets are in well kept. Turning the bathroom into a haven of peace does not require a bathroom remodeling. It is as simple as carrying out a makeover.

Call us for your bathroom makeover …. We are a family owned, professional company providing home services in your area for years with an impeccable reputation. One of our specialties is providing ONE DAY bathroom makeovers… and we can do this without leaving you a mess.

Now is the time to makeover your bathroom, it’s good for you and your family and can positively affect the value of your home.  Check out the top 13 bathroom remodeling trends.

  •  New Under Mount Sink
  • Granite Tops
  • Energy saving dual flush toilet
  • Wall Mirror
  • Wall Light
  • New Towel Bars
  • New Faucet
  • and New Paint

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Bathroom Makeover Design

Bathroom Makeover Design

In a home, one can make many upgrades to improve the look and efficiency of living. Having a well designed bathroom makeover makes all the difference in  getting ready for work, bathing, and relaxing after a stressful week. With all of the things you have going on in your life, the last thing you should worry about is the comfort of your sink or bathtub. So consider upgrading it to improve your home and make your day more efficient. With a better bathroom design, you can save energy and time, getting Bathroom Makeover Designready for the day or relaxing in the evening. New appliances are more efficient and a redesigned look and décor provides comfort and an oasis from the world.

Upgraded Bathroom

Having an upgraded bathroom makeover design not only changes the look and feel of your home, but improves the efficiency with heat, light, and water. Installing a new faucet or new lights can make better use of energy, saving you money on your bills. In addition to saved energy, a new shower or tub can make more efficient use of water, therefore less is wasted. Not only can you save money on your bills, upgrading your sink, bathtub, or toilet can increase the value of your house. When looking through a potential home, buyers look at the bathrooms. It can be as much about aesthetic appeal as functionality. When homeowners want to make upgrades in their home, one of the most common ways is renovating the bathrooms.


The great thing is that there are so many options for customizing your bathroom the way you’d like it. There are lots of great trends for sinks, mirrors, showers, and decor. Bathroom makeover design can be fun and easy. To get started upgrading your bathroom, try using One Day Bathroom Makeover. A family owned and operating company, they do all the work for you. Their specialty is making over a bathroom in one day. They do it all, from replacing sinks to painting walls. They will also install granite tops, wall mirrors, and other additions you’d like. You give them the ideas of what you want and they will have it done. Time is of the essence, and in today’s hectic world, people can’t afford to wait a week or longer to have renovations complete. One Day Bathroom Makeover are professionals who serve several areas in Illinois. So upgrade your bathroom for beauty, comfort, and a place to relax.


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Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Five Excellent Bathroom Makeover Ideas

When thinking about the most private space in a home, the bathroom is definitely the room that comes to mind first. Given its personal and private aspect, a bathroom remodel requires much time and effort. From choosing out correct paint colors to sinks to faucets, it is pertinent that members of the home feel comfortable in the bathroom. Fortunately, no matter the type of remodeling or makeover taking place, there are common goals that should be worked towards. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Narrow Down Your Options

There is a good chance that you have a million bathroom ideas floating around in your head. You need to limit your options. To do this, you need to determine the type of Bathroom ideaslook that you are going for. If you are looking for a dramatic effect in the bathroom, contrast dark woods with woods that are light in color. For example, if the your crown molding and baseboards are to be a dark oak color, use a light-colored oak vanity and mirror. If you are looking to make your bathroom appear larger, match your floor tiles with your wall tiles.

2. Start Completely Over

If you have a bathroom that feels cramped, you need to do a complete remodel; however, if you want, you can use what you have, just rearrange it. Or, if possible, get rid of those nonessential items to add space. For example, if your bathroom has a bathtub in addition to a stand-up shower, rid of both of these items and install an all-in-one shower and tub. In doing this, you can gain anywhere from 6.25 to 9 square feet of space, which is a lot in a bathroom.

3. It’s Not a Showroom

Your bathroom is not a showroom, so don’t design it like one. Keep things simple, using materials and colors that appear in other rooms of your home. If you use oil rubbed bronze finishes throughout your home, such as on ceiling fans, kitchen faucets and hardware, then use the same in your remodeled bathroom. Remember, the overall goal of your bathroom remodel should be to harmonize the room with the other rooms of your home.

4. Think Outside the Box

You don’t have to use furniture in your bathroom that is made specifically for the bathroom. For example, you can take an armoire, sand it down and refinish it, put it in the bathroom and store towels in it. Everything from chests to comfy chairs can be added to your bathroom space, giving it a truly unique and comfortable atmosphere.

5. Choose Your Materials Carefully

Chances are, you are going to remodel your bathroom more than once. Keeping this in mind, use bathroom ideas and materials that can be used over and over. To do this, you need to avoid trendy colors as well as design fads. Some of the more classic materials to use include oil rubbed bronze finishes and subway tiles. The main goal is to create a bathroom that won’t come back to haunt you.